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    • 10/01/2024
    • 20:00 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    • 53

    Platforms, Pirates and Pornography

    What connects Screaming Lord Sutch, Gianni Versace, the actor Ralf Little (Death in Paradise) and Doctor Who? While this sounds like a question from Only Connect, the answer actually lies in local east coast waters - the Maunsell Forts.

    These are a series of army and navy forts which were built in the second world war offshore in the North Sea to protect us from enemy airforce and naval incursions.

    These forts played a crucial role in early warning for air and sea raids. Abandoned after the war their history was then varied and, as you can see from the characters mentioned, at times unexpected.

    Some were occupied by Pirate Radio stations while others were used as film locations. One even became a micronation.

    This talk looks at this unique history and the mixed cast of characters involved with these platforms. The talk examines what is left of them and the unique legacy which they have left behind. 

    Andy is not charging for his excellent presentation but he supports a sailing charity for the disabled.  We will have our magic little card reader on hand for the end of the presentation.  Your generosity will be much welcomed.

    Woolverstone Project - Sailing for the disabled

    Organiser:  Dick Beddoe

    • 31/01/2024
    • 20:00 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

     A talk by Sally Kettle - Atlantic Rower

    Inspirational speaker and adventurer, Sally is the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and once with her mother!

     Her speeches are honest, hilarious and informative. With over a decade of experience Sally is able to take her audience on an exhilarating, and often emotional journey. Her stories of rough seas, wild storms, harsh living and encounters with sharks is delivered in stupendous style.

    Sally is the first woman to have rowed across the Atlantic east-west, twice. She first took to the oars in 2003. Following an initial set back to her first Atlantic attempt, she was joined by an unlikely rowing partner - her mother Sarah Kettle. 106 days later they made it into the record books as the world’s first mother and daughter to row an ocean.

    This talk will be quite exceptional and not to be missed.  Get your tickets now as we are confident that this will be a complete sell-out.

    Organiser:  Dick Beddoe

    • 07/02/2024
    • 20:00 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

    From Frank Spencer to Francis Chichester

    Frank started sailing at the tender age of 63, when he was introduced to the Channel Sailing Club.

    After 7 years, he realised that approximately 50% of boat owners were below average.

    So he thought, if they can do it, so can I.

    Then he started racing.................

    Register now and we may put out a chair for you :-) 

    "Tap your card" at the end to support your club charity and club funds :-)

    Free to members - £10 for guests (on the door)

    Organiser:  Dick Beddoe
    • 14/02/2024
    • 20:00 - 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

    Service your winch and the like...

    Its that time again.  Do your winches click with a lovely clean sound, or is it all gloopy and sticky? 

    Are your winches full of old grease, or no grease at all? 

    Are your pawls broken? 

    Have you checked? (or have you just plastered them with yet another layer of grease for the past five years?)
    Come along for a half hour session on winch cleansing.   Forget the romantic dinner with your partner.  This is far more interesting and useful. 

    Better still, bring your partner along and she/he can reap the benefit of learning how to strip down a winch, degrease, check for cracks and wear, then re-assemble, and re-grease. 

    Way more fun than gazing lovingly across the restaurant table whilst you pay over the odds for an indifferent meal. (Take that ridiculous rose out of your mouth).

    Join us for WINCH evening

    30 mins of your time that will change your life

    (Maybe not but it is useful)

    Organiser: Dick Beddoe
    • 21/02/2024
    • 20:00
    • ACC

    Catch the Tide

    8:00pm @ ACC

    Come to the "Catch The Tide evening" - the all important showcase for sailing and social events over the year

    This is a great opportunity for members to hear about the club's planned activities for the year ahead and sign up as organisers, skippers or crew for events.

    It is hoped that members will sign up early for events enabling berths to be booked in good time.
    It's a great way of having more fun on the water with fellow members.

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20/01/2016 Walking with Lions
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18/11/2015 Racing and the North West Passage 2013
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06/11/2012 Clipper Round the World Race by Tricia Morris
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