Sailing is split between Cruising and Racing activities - to see how events operate and how to apply click here


Cruising events are mainly on the south coast from Poole to Littlehampton including all the Solent.
Longer cruises will often go across to France and the Channel Islands or down to the West Country.

Typically every year there will be:
  • Social rallies over a weekend that often include a barbecue or club dinner
  • Experience weekends involving structured activities to keep navigation & sailing skills refreshed

  • A racing programme for cruisers.

  •  Longer cruises, some over 9 days and others for 4 days over a long weekend
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The racing programme offers various types of races which are designed to be fun for all involved.

Typically there is a mixture of short races, passage races, a navigation exercise race and a pursuit race. Members also participate in non-club events such as the Round the Island Race.

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Races are run under a handicap system with each boat allocated a club rating.

Racing events are run in accordance with the ISA Racing Rules of Sailing together with the CSC Sailing Instructions.

The CSC Sailing Instructions must be agreed to by all participating skipper. To view them  click here
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