2016 Season Trophy Winners  photos at bottom of page

Racing Awards

Two-handed and Round the Island - Matambu
Wooden Spoon - White Knight
Regatta, Navigator's and Le Harlequin (most improved handicap) - Myst
Pursuit - Caressa
Racing championship - Eagle

Club awards
Mizzen (most events attended) - Orcella
Jacqui Sillance (best organised event) - Bill Chalker
Seamogs (most miles sailed) - Keith Gibbs
Sally Jennings (significant contribution) - Ken Fifield
Commodore's Trophy (contribution to running the club) - Debbie Wiffen
Cambrian Ball - Bill Rawle
Icicle awards:
Midships - Matambu Topsides - Zhivili

15 photo(s) Updated on: 23/02/2017
  • Oleg And Jeremy- Our New very deserved Rear Commodores
  • Alick Fraser presenting Bill Rawle with the Cambrian Ball.
  • Alick presenting the Comodore's Trophy to Debbie Wiffen. Recognising her contribution to the Social activities of the club- In Alick's words 'it all just happens'
  • Ken Fifield receiving the Sally Jennings Trophy. Great to have the shore training back in house.
  • Keith our new Honorary Lifetime member receiving the Seamogs Trophy from Alick- for most miles travelled
  • The Commodore and Vice Commodore- Alick presenting Clive with the Mizzen Trophy for most events attended
  • Simon and David with the Topsides Trophy -worthy winners for that never to be forgotten performance of something vaguely Shakespearean - relating to Romeo , Juliet and Brexit. Including a very flimsy
  • Alick and Jeremy receiving the Midships award for the Elizabethan Inn more normally known as Matambu
  • The Three musketeers otherwise known as the Eagle skippers Mike, Alick and Tom celebrating their Championship win. Its so much better than coming fourth! Presented by Keith.
  • David Murch- what a night for Myst. Hat-trick of trophies. Presented by Keith
  • Mark Hawkins (Caressa) receiving the Pursuit Trophy from Keith
  • More Myst- navigators race David and Keith.
  • White Knight - well done. Oleg receiving the Wooden Spoon from Keith
  • Jeremy ( hat-trick winner) and Keith
  • Alick presenting RNLI with a cheque from the Commodore's Charity
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